3 Popular Bathroom Décor Design Themes and How to Follow Them

You might not realize it, but you spend a lot of your life in your bathroom. That being said, you probably want your bathroom to feel inviting and have a hint of your own personal style to satisfy your design ambitions and impress visiting friends and family.

There are so many bathroom design themes to follow that it can feel overwhelming to find the one that fits your vision. Below, are three popular bathroom design themes and how to achieve them.


The classic bathroom look is all about clean lines and classic tiles. Classic tiles are the typical white square tiles with a slight shine to them. They give your bathroom a clean and put together look. 

Your walls should be painted a pure white, and your shower curtain should be white or gray to stick with the neutral theme. Embroidered hand towels on towel racks by the sink are a staple for the classic and traditional bathroom theme. You can look for traditional bathroom design richmond va providers for more guidance, tips, and tricks about how to achieve the classic and traditional look. 

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Modern bathroom themes are all about minimalism and sleek designs. Rainfall style shower heads are popular choices for a modern shower. Even more, shower heads that come from the sides of shower walls are popular choices to supplement rainfall shower heads. There aren’t wide or expansive countertops, and the sinks often look like bowls placed on top of the counter. One or two walls can be a matte dark tile with the other walls being a white or cream color.

Marble or slate floors are also popular choices.


Even if you live far, far away from the beach, you can still have a beach themed bathroom. In fact, the beach theme is by far one of the most popular bathroom designs. Why? Because beach themed bathrooms have an aura of calm in them that is ideal for any home. In order to put together the best beach-themed bathroom think of all the things you find at the beach! Shells, sand, mason jars, and plants are all perfect accents to add to a beach-themed bathroom.

Of course, don’t feel too constricted by the confines of a single theme- feel free to mix and match components of all different themes to give yourself the customized bathroom of your dreams.