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About this exhibition

The 21st Lijia international intelligent equipment exhibition will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from May 28 to 31, 2020. With the theme of "optimization, innovation, aggregation and qualitative change", this exhibition blooms at the same time. It is committed to promoting the application of achievements of new products, new technologies and new processes in the industry, and creating an international, professional and characteristic manufacturing event through equipment procurement, product on-site physical demonstration, technical exchange, economic and trade cooperation and other forms.

  At the same time, three theme pavilion days of quality manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and automobile manufacturing were held, and various theme advanced manufacturing demonstration areas, fine cutting specimen areas and new product release areas were jointly set up with exhibitors, associations, colleges and Lijia consulting units. At the same time, the "Eagle Award" of equipment manufacturing industry, the collection of top ten innovation papers, top ten industry quality craftsmen and "China's good machine tools" were selected Four theme selection activities, as well as 40 related high-end forums and technical exchanges.

■Five demonstration areas: industrial environmental protection, 5g, aluminum processing and application, industrial logistics and remanufacturing

The organizing committee plans to cooperate with various industry associations, institutions, users and equipment suppliers to promote new products, new technologies and new processes in the industry; And hold technical exchange meetings around the theme to jointly explore the development of the industry.

■Main forum - the fourth 2020 exchange meeting of professional engineers in machinery manufacturing industry

Conference size: 600 people

Venue: Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center

Exchange around efficient processing and management innovation


■40 conference activities and new product launch area

Annual meeting of Industry Association, special technical exchange meeting, series of activities of Lijia technical expert advisory group, salon and experience sharing meeting. Industry hot spot: new technology and new product promotion meeting

■Four activities - "Eagle Award" selection

Selected products: new products with independent intellectual property rights for the exhibits of exhibitors from January 2019 to the end of January 2020.

■Four activities -- selection of the top ten innovative papers of "Li Jia Award"

Selection scope: original works of innovation management and technology application in manufacturing related fields such as industrial transformation, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, information industry, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, quantum technology and 5g technology can participate.

■Four activities - 2020 Lijia Cup - selection of innovative craftsmen

With the theme of "craftsman spirit, more than innovation", the top ten innovative figures in each industry were selected for each industry.

■Four activities -- the 5th "Lijia Cup" China's good machine tool network selection in 2020

The selection activities will continue to look for excellent brands and products in the machine tool industry, and set up exhibition areas for award-winning enterprises at the exhibition site and the home page of the machine tool business network for online and offline linkage publicity.

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