CNC lathe
Consultation TEL:86-13655240772
Processing rangeSwing over bedΦ420 mmΦ500 mmΦ580 mm
Maximum machining diameter on tool holderΦ220 mmΦ320 mmΦ360 mm
block typeΦ400 mmΦ480 mmΦ580 mm
Maximum machining length380 mm580 mm1000 mm
distance between centers610 mm670 mm1320 mm
principal axisSpindle nose formA2-6A2-8A2-8
Maximum spindle speed3000 r/min2600 r/min2600 r/min
Spindle motor power7.5KW15KW20KW
Standard chuck and oil cylinder8 inches10 inches10 inches
Spindle hole diameterΦ66Φ87Φ87
Bar diameterΦ50Φ72Φ72
Axial feedX-axis travel215 mm250 mm350 mm
Y-axis travel400 mm620 mm1120 mm
X-axis lead screw diameter x pitch32x6mm32x6mm40x6mm
Z-axis lead screw diameter x pitch32x8mm40x10mm50x10mm
X-axis servo motor1.3 KW4 KW4 KW
Z-axis servo motor1.3 KW4 KW4 KW
Bed and saddleTilt angle45°45°45°
Guide rail formlinear guide raillinear guide raillinear guide rail
Knife towertypeHydraulic / servo turretHydraulic / servo turretHydraulic / servo turret
Number of knives81212
Cylindrical shank size25x25 mm25x25 mm25x25 mm
Boring tool shank sizeΦ32 mmΦ40 mmΦ40 mm
TailstockQuill diameterΦ80 mmΦ100 mmΦ100 mm
Sleeve stroke100 mm120 mm120 mm
Maximum stroke of tailstock350 mm670 mm1250 mm
Taper hole of tailstock sleeveMorse 4Morse 5Morse 5
Machine tool accuracyX-axis positioning accuracy0.005 mm0.005 mm0.005 mm
Z-axis positioning accuracy0.005 mm0.005 mm0.005 mm
X-axis repeated positioning accuracy0.003 mm0.003 mm0.003 mm
Z-axis repeated positioning accuracy0.003 mm0.003 mm0.003 mm
systemSystem standard configurationFANUCFANUCFANUC
OptionalSiemens, Mitsubishi, ShindaiSiemens, Mitsubishi, ShindaiSiemens, Mitsubishi, Shindai
Power SupplyVoltage380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ
Machine tool sizeMachine weight≈3500 KG3500 KG4800 KG
Machine height1900 mm2000 mm2100 mm
area covered2450x1600 mm3500x1800 mm4100x1900 mm
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